I have a Wattpad

<a href="var wp_user=”Type2Express”;var wp_size=0;” title=”I have a Wattpad”>I have a Wattpad

Check it out,if you want.


What Songs Would You Like?

Well, I’ve found a way to create a music player for the blog. I’m going to start working on it in a couple of minutes. Though I have already chosen a couple of songs to put on it, I want to know what you guys would like. To know this, I’m going to choose 50 songs and I’m going to make a poll in which you say whether or not you like these songs. If a majority of you say you like it, I’ll put them on the music player. If a majority of you DON’T like it, I’ll have you comment the song and try my best to take it off.

I know not many of you read this blog, but I still want some feedback,so PLEASE tell me what you like. 

You Should Look Forward too…

Well, I’ve been trying to get more viewers and followers to this blog. I’ve tried many times, but I still don’t get many viewers. I’ve realized ,though, that my problem with blogging is that I blog to get people to read it,not blog for the fun of it. Of course, I should try  to get some viewers,but that’s not the point of blogging. 

So, I have a idea. I’ll  focus on  blogging more about my life,crafts, and any other ideas that come to me. I will edit the blog sometimes,but they’ll be small adjustments like a theme change or an add on. 

Speaking of add ons, I’m trying to create a small music player to add to the blog. I’ll put a mix of songs that will  play as you read this “wonderful” blog. 🙂

Never Mind…

So, I said I was going to be blogging for the rest of the night..but I lied. I’m getting pretty tired. I guess I’ll do it tomorrow when I have the energy. For now,though, you will have to wait until tomorrow. I’ll see you soon. 🙂


I’ve made my blogging playlist and I’m ready to renovate this blog. I’m sorry I haven’t been on in a while. Let’s get this blogging started!!

Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding

First of all.. I LOVE Ellie! She has a special voice that I just LOVE. Second of all, this is my FAVORITE song from her! It’s just… AMAZING!

Some Spare Time

 Today, I have a couple of hours to spend on my blog. I’ve wanted to change a couple of things about the blog, so that’s what I’m going to spend most of my time doing. I’m hoping to add some links, change the theme, add some categories, finish my About page, and a BUNCH of other small things to improve this blog.

While I do so, I’ll be viewing other blogs and bringing more people to view my blog. I’m going to start organizing my blog and making it so that you’ll WANT to read it more. Well, I’ll see you soon.

NEW Song From The Wanted

YES, you read that right! The Wanted have come out with a NEW song. One of the many they will have in there new album coming out next year.
Do you like it? Is it catchy? Are you looking forward to their new album?
Please comment below with your opinion.

WHOOPS! I’ve been GONE..but I’m BACK!

 It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I got a little bit of time right now to blog. Well, there’s actually A LOT to tell you guys. I’ve gone through MANY ups and downs since the last word I typed here. Let’s see…I’ve strengthened my friendship with Angelica, I’m at the brink of losing my other friend, my crush has smiled at me 3 times, I had to date a chair for a day, (it’s a LONG story…I’ll save it for later) and well, A LOT more! 

 I just NEED more time! I have so much to tell you guys, but I DON’T have the time! SORRY

Anyways, I’m trying to add some blogging time to my schedule..but I don’t promise it’ll fit in. I’ll TRY though! hahahaha. Well, I’m going to turn on my music…and BLOG! Well…TRY! hahahahahahaha


The Day Shall Come

If you were a friend of mine, you would know that I LOVE to dream…and I dream BIG. Like…..Galaxy size. Okay, maybe not that big…but you know what I mean? Anyways, I have TONS of dreams, but the main one I just KNOW I will accomplish  is becoming a famous singer. I don’t care about the obstacles or the people that will stand in my way, I just care that I will get there.

I know, I haven’t been doing the best to accomplish this dream of mine, but I’m waiting for the right time. You know?

The day shall come when you hear my name and say to yourself “Now that  is a dream put to reality. ” The day shall come when I will have people look up to me say “I want to be that. That’s who I want to be some day.” The day shall come when I will stand on a stage and know, I made it, all of my work and perseverance took me here.
For now though, I’ll just keep my dream alive and help it survive for that one day when I finally  take a step.