Well, today I didn’t do anything EXCITING or AWESOME…I just went out and did regular stuff like:

  • Go to a Mexican Restaurant
  • Go home and Watch Smosh (yeah….my latest obsession…IAN is the BEST)
  • Pick up my Bro. From his Job
  • Get some food at Subway
  • Come back home and Watch Smosh

That’s pretty much it. Yeah…WHAT A LIFE…right?

Sadly…I won’t be Doing any “Abi’z Creations…and How to Make Them” post because I haven’t found my camera thing so I can put my pics onto here…I do have a tutorial that I made…but I won’t post it until I fix the camera thingy..haha.

See you soon guys.

And Remember…



About abigail101m

I am a girl who LOVE's to express herself in every way there is.I have a variety of personalities....but I always stay TRUE! If my friends could describe me they would either say I'm Crazy or Inspirational or ALWAYS happy.If my parents could describe me ,though, they would say I'm noisy and lazy. As you can see....I can seem different to many people...depending on how I feel. Anyways, I REALLY hope you like my blog and share it with other people.

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