It’s been a while since I’ve just sat down and actually blogged about my life & my creations. Well, today I have NOTHING to do….so I guess I’ll just sit,relax, and type. 

Well, the day before yesterday, I went school supply shopping. Because I LOVE to personalize my stuff….the first thing I did when I got home was pull out my sharpies,color pencils,my oil pastels,and my fabric paints. I started decorating the back of this simple black notebook I got…and right now, it looks AWESOME! I drew a bunch of Smosh related things…and it’s just AMAZING. Now,though, I have to decorate my backpack,my composition book,my pencil pouch, and my binder. It will take me a while…but I will have them finished by the time school starts.

Talking about school, I have to go on August 16. It’s not to far away…but it’s enough time to finish “summer stuff”. What’s weird about starting school on August 16, is that the weather is still HOT. Though my school has air conditioning…’s not the best. 😀

Something I look forward to the school year is that this time…I won’t be the one being trampled by the HUGE 7th and 8th graders. This makes me feel older and tougher. (which I’m NOT) BUT…I still have to deal with the obnoxious 8th graders 😦 that can sometimes mess up stuff for the other grades. IT’s still okay ,though, I will try REALLY hard to make my year the BEST EVER.


About abigail101m

I am a girl who LOVE's to express herself in every way there is.I have a variety of personalities....but I always stay TRUE! If my friends could describe me they would either say I'm Crazy or Inspirational or ALWAYS happy.If my parents could describe me ,though, they would say I'm noisy and lazy. As you can see....I can seem different to many people...depending on how I feel. Anyways, I REALLY hope you like my blog and share it with other people.

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