So…It’s 3:20 in the Morning. I should be sleeping, but  I chose to watch the Moon pass by my window. I know, I should be sleeping…but there’s something about the moon that makes me feel….Good? The sight of a huge white moon shining in the sky just makes me feel….hmmm….Complete. As if the Moon were something I had to see,in some way, before I closed my eyes to sleep.I know….I sound crazy..but truth is, I AM Crazy

Anyways, because I am awake at this hour, I’m going to do my best and fix up the blog. Like changing the theme, organizing posts, fixing up posts with bad grammar, and all that fun stuff. hahaha. It will probably take me a while, but I assure you that it will be done. 

OOOOOH….I almost forgot! I fixed my camera problem! SO…now I can post my Creation posts. Also, I’m going to start some new posts. CLUE: They will show more of  my expressive side.

SO…I hope you guys look forward to that.

WOW…It takes me a LONG time to type and edit this post!


About abigail101m

I am a girl who LOVE's to express herself in every way there is.I have a variety of personalities....but I always stay TRUE! If my friends could describe me they would either say I'm Crazy or Inspirational or ALWAYS happy.If my parents could describe me ,though, they would say I'm noisy and lazy. As you can see....I can seem different to many people...depending on how I feel. Anyways, I REALLY hope you like my blog and share it with other people.

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