Well, like a regular teen…I get ….ummm..periods. I know “TMI dude! T-M-I!”, but I’m feeling so umm….crappy (I know…. “Don’t cuss young lady! It’s not ‘proper’!”) Seriously, why do I have to suffer icky,red, dirty,bad,cramp filled days every couple of weeks? I mean, why so soon? Couldn’t mother nature had decided to give me them when I was 20?Β 

hahahaahahahahaha.. Okay…I should stop whining before you guys get annoyed.

Anyways, today ,as you noticed, that T.O.M has come. Because I have a day off and some BAD cramps, I’m not going to sleep much, and just blog. SO….you’re going to start seeing some NEW posts. I hope you like them. πŸ™‚


About abigail101m

I am a girl who LOVE's to express herself in every way there is.I have a variety of personalities....but I always stay TRUE! If my friends could describe me they would either say I'm Crazy or Inspirational or ALWAYS happy.If my parents could describe me ,though, they would say I'm noisy and lazy. As you can see....I can seem different to many people...depending on how I feel. Anyways, I REALLY hope you like my blog and share it with other people.

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  1. radiance says:

    I don’t have periods yet. I feel lucky πŸ™‚

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