Oh look, I’m a turtle!

 Since the day I started school, my back has been hurting a bit. This is mostly because I’m carrying around unnecessary  school supplies and my backpack is being a big meany. Don’t worry, I just need to show how nice I am and my backpack will loosen up. For now ,though, I’ll just have to walk around looking like a turtle and come home with a bad back. Oh well.


New Theme: Your thoughts on the idea

I know it’s only been a week or two since I’ve changed the theme, but I’m getting the urge to change it. I feel that some of you think the theme is childish and not “teen”. I’m not trying to do that…but it’s  hard picking the right theme sometimes. BUT…I have some time today….I CAN and I MIGHT change the theme right now. I know I might change the theme anyway…but YOUR opinion still matters to ME. SO…comment below and tell me what you think about THIS theme. (you know…this blue with panda theme)

NEW type of post?…..Maybe.

 Well, as you should know, I started school on Thursday. For those two days, the teachers only reviewed the rules and things we needed to know to have a good school year. It was a bit boring because we already learned most of the rules last year…but it was nice to refresh our memory. 

Anyways, I got a chance to see all of my friends and just talk about our summers. Sadly, I only got a couple of classes with one of my best friends ,none with my crush 😥 , ….but I have a couple with some of my friends. BUT…I still have one class I haven’t gone to…so I still have a small chance to have at least ONE class with my crush…or best friends. 


Okay, before I get carried away with school…let me talk about this idea of mine. Well, with me starting the school year,AGAIN, I won’t be able to post as much, and when I post it probably won’t be as interesting. BUT….I’m thinking maybe I could just post about my school week and anything interesting that has happened to me lately. This would be easy to type about since it’s true…and about me..hahaha. So..Do you like the idea? Comment below and your opinion can change this blog. 🙂

New Hair Style?

New Hair Style?

I want to dye my hair blue like this. I’m going to do it tomorrow. I hope it turns out well. 😀

You like the idea?

Why don’t you guys Participate?

 Well, I noticed that I get a good amount of views every day I post. It joys me to see that someone is reading all this boring stuff…but it makes me wonder if you’re even real. I know, there are some people who read this and comment. (For example, Radiance) But what about you other people?

All I’m asking for is a bit of participation. You can simply like the page or take a bit of your time and comment. I don’t care what you comment…it can be negative/positive/random/etc. I just want you to do something on this blog. PLEASE.

Anyone want to Caramell Dance with me?


Yep, my NEW music obsession. hahahahahahaha. I learned the dance…but I’m to timid to video tape it and put it up…and if I did…I would take it to the next level and post a video of me singing.But that won’t happen….well not soon. 😉 


Anyways, You like it? I’m going to post another video. By the way, they’re singing in Swedish…Or the language they speak in Sweden. (sorry, I don’t know ALL the languages of the world)

Period Diaries? hahahahahaha…NO. TMI

Well, like a regular teen…I get ….ummm..periods. I know “TMI dude! T-M-I!”, but I’m feeling so umm….crappy (I know…. “Don’t cuss young lady! It’s not ‘proper’!”) Seriously, why do I have to suffer icky,red, dirty,bad,cramp filled days every couple of weeks? I mean, why so soon? Couldn’t mother nature had decided to give me them when I was 20? 

hahahaahahahahaha.. Okay…I should stop whining before you guys get annoyed.

Anyways, today ,as you noticed, that T.O.M has come. Because I have a day off and some BAD cramps, I’m not going to sleep much, and just blog. SO….you’re going to start seeing some NEW posts. I hope you like them. 🙂

Ducted Up ….An AWESOME wordpress blog!

Today I was scrolling around the internet looking for interesting blogs/websites.Well, I found THE BEST blog I’ve EVER seen! It was made  by a VERY creative person. In her blog, she shows her WONDERFUL creations like bracelets and recycled materials.But one thing she mainly makes  are  Duct Tape creations. She makes BEAUTIFUL rainbow roses and anything imaginable!

I REALLY LOVE her blog! So,PLEASE check it out when ever you can…you won’t regret it!
Here’s the link to it: http://ductedup.wordpress.com/

Only 6 Days!

As many of you should know, I start my first day of 7th grade on August 16,2012.  Which….is in 6 days! I’m a little excited to see my friends and teachers. (well, not ALL of them) BUT….I’m a little bit nervous. You see, many kids from my school have been failing on tests and classes. This brought much attention to the district, and they HAD to do something about it. What they did was make our main classes (math,science, etc.) longer, take out P.E and make it an elective. They also made it so that on Mondays we ONLY have these main classes and NO electives, but Tuesday through Friday we have our main classes AND our electives.

Confusing,right? Well, imagine being the student having to remember those classes, and which days we have to go to them. This worries me that I’ll have a higher chance of coming late to a class…which is BAD. WOW….why is school so hard?
Well, I hope that I’ll get used to it.


Last To Know by The Wanted

I LOVE all of The Wanted’s songs…but this one is my favorite.